Practicing Kindness in Marriage

Kindness is the fifth fruit of the Spirit.  Kindness goes along way toward fueling enduring love between spouses. We continue with our look at the expressions of the Fruit of the Spirit in a believer’s life. (Fruit of the Spirit Blog post 5 of 9)

Few things can spark happiness like an act of kindness towards us. The other day my wife, Tammy, and I were out with four of our six children. It was the middle of the afternoon and I was ready for a Starbucks Dark Roast coffee or a Doppio with one raw sugar. Either way it’s just two dollars and change, and we can be on our way.

However, there were others in the car with me, and it probably wouldn’t be right to just order for myself. I guess the kind thing to do would be to ask if anyone else would like something as well. With great enthusiasm, the response from the back was yes. Once the order was complete, we were far from the two dollars and change I had planned on spending and I was quickly contemplating the need for a second mortgage to pay our bill. I pull up to the window and begin handing out the double-blended Frappes, baked goods, and some other long-named drink. I finally get my Doppio and hand over my card to pay the bill.

The barista kindly looks at me and says, “The person in front of you paid for your order.” We were all blown away at the act of kindness that was shown towards us. I was ready to drive away, and my wife says, “Pay for the people behind us.” I’m thinking we’re ahead here, but ok. So we paid it forward and were on our way. While we sipped on our drinks we discussed how blessed we felt that someone went out of their way to do something so extravagantly kind. But isn’t that the way of the Lord too? For His lovingkindness is great toward us, and the truth of the LORD is everlasting. Praise the LORD! Psalm 117:2 NASB
While we are moved and encouraged by acts of kindness towards us, we can sometimes be so overwhelmed by our own trials, wounds, and the frenzy of everyday life that we don’t look for ways to express kindness to others. Way too often, our spouse is the first to be overlooked.
What are some ways you can surprise your spouse with an act of kindness? Maybe they are undeserving. Maybe they have hurt you so deeply you can’t see doing anything kind for them. True kindness can still be demonstrated through the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. It could just be the shot of “caffeination” to spark their day and yours.

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