International Ministry

3 Ways You Can Change the World Through Marriage Oneness

Go With Us

Two Becoming One has traveled the globe from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

You can join us on one of the trips that we have planned to see how God is spreading His design for marriage around the world.

Partner with Us

Perhaps your church already has a connection with a group of nationals in a country where Christian Family Life is not represented.

You can use Christian Family Life with any existing partnerships that you already maintain.

Support From Home

Not everyone can leave home and go, so there are ways to support Christian Family Life while staying at home.

You can send supplies and materials. You can send funds. You can send wedding dresses to use in recommitment ceremonies.

A Method to Building Faith-Based Marriages Internationally

Identifying a national couple is a key component to how Christian Family Life operates in the country where Two Becoming One is being taught. Christian Family Life believes in partnering with nationals to coordinate in-country marriage discipleship training. No one is more knowledgeable about the language and culture than those native to the area, so who better to come alongside friends, family, and neighbors to promote marriage oneness?

Once a couple is identified, Christian Family Life invests in them to provide them with the training they need to teach Two Becoming One and effectively train Marriage Disciplers. Materials and resources are made available to them in country, so that this process can be as reproducible and accessible as possible.

This couple then arranges trainings and marriage conferences within their sphere of influence and reaches out to pastoral couples in the area as well. By investing in these pastoral couples, their marriages are strengthened. They take the message of marital oneness back to their local church where they continue to impact other families, and those families in turn influence their communities, which trickles into the culture of the entire country.