Become a Marriage Discipler

Our mission at Christian Family Life is to help marriages thrive using proven God-centered principles found in the Two Becoming One curriculum. If you share our passion for transforming and strengthening marriages, consider becoming Marriage Disciplers—husbands and wives willing to invest in their own marriage and the marriages of others. 

Three steps to becoming a Marriage Discipler (M.D.)

1. Invest in your own marriage

  • No marriage should be more important than your marriage! You need to continue growing and should repeat the study even when discipling others.
  • God never calls us to minister to others at the expense of our families and us.
  • If you have never worked through the eight-week study, purchase the Two Becoming One Couple’s Set and begin working through the workbook and reading the book along with your spouse.

2. Invest in training

  • We want to equip you to be successful disciplers. So we are committed to provide multiple levels of support:
  • Live training events
  • Online resources
  • Mentorship and co-leadership opportunities
    • Let us know if you are interested in becoming a Marriage Discipler. Email us at so we can personally connect and walk you through the process.

3. Invest in others

  • You have completed the study, received training, and have access to resources
  • Invite other couples to go through the study with you and get started.

We are dedicated to the success of our Marriage Disciplers. We have developed numerous tools to aid you in helping others strengthen their marriages. If you decide to become Marriage Disciplers login to our online Leader’s Page to access these tools.

Leader Portal

Exclusive tools to equip our Marriage Disciplers and Group Leaders.

Commonly Asked Questions

What if my marriage isn't perfect?
You don't need a perfect marriage. In fact, it's better if you don't. Two Becoming One looks to God's Word to provide the necessary blueprints to move your marriage from performance to faith.

I'm not sure if I have time.
Making the time to devote to your marriage is crucial. Reach out to others who can assist you in co-facilitating to accommodate missing a week.

I'm not a teacher.
Two Becoming One is facilitated rather than taught. Facilitators spark conversations based on the homework couples have done that week. We will train you, equip you, and be available when there are questions.