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Using the proven 2B1 training materials, we can help your church or ministry organization develop a self-sustaining marriage ministry in as little as 3 hours or as much as 3 days through a simple and free training catered to your needs.

The Process

1. Foundation for Marriage MInistry

2. Tool for Your Marriage Ministry

3. Framework for Lay Driven Marriage Ministry

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In small accountability groups, engaged and married couples alike will motivate each other to apply God’s principles for marriage to their own relationships. Each small group is led by a facilitating couple that guides group discussions and activities. Couples who successfully complete the study can in turn help others by leading a new group. What’s more, Two Becoming One encourages church members to exercise their spiritual gifts in small groups.

Benefits For Your Church


-Couples who lead it often become church leaders

-Properly administered, Two Becoming One may help limit your pastor’s counseling load

-Encourages your church members to exercise their spiritual gifts

-Ministers to both married and engaged couples

-Provides an excellent way of reaching out to couples outside the church