Whether your marriage is barely surviving or thriving, we believe your marriage is designed by God to thrive and help others.

3 STEPS to be a M.D.

1. Invest in Your Marriage

2. Invest in Training

3. Invest in Others

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Become A Marriage Discipler

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FAQs or common objections

How Do I Become a M.D.?

  1. Invest in your marriage:  Go through the 2B1 eight week study
  2. Invest in training: (Coming soon) live training options as well as web based resources.
  3. Invest in others:  Invite other couples to go through the study with you.

My Marriage isn’t all that great.

You don’t need a perfect marriage.  In fact, it’s better if you don’t.  2B1 looks to God’s Word to provide the necessary blueprints to move your marriage from performance to faith.