Whether your marriage is barely surviving or thriving, we believe your marriage is designed by God to thrive and help others.

3 STEPS to be an M.D.

1. Invest in Your Marriage

2. Invest in Training

3. Invest in Others

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Become A Marriage Discipler

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FAQs or common objections

How Do I Become an M.D.?

  1. Invest in your marriage:  Go through the 2B1 eight week study
  2. Invest in training: (Coming soon) live training options as well as web based resources.
  3. Invest in others:  Invite other couples to go through the study with you.

My Marriage isn't all that great.

You don’t need a perfect marriage.  In fact, it’s better if you don’t.  2B1 looks to God’s Word to provide the necessary blueprints to move your marriage from performance to faith.


Practical topics covered include:


-Creating Romance

-Overcoming Trials