Overcoming Woundedness


By Sally Meredith

Everyone has been wounded. Some wounds recall childhood hurts; some are more recent. They may be personal through family or close friends, or they can be generated by workplace issues with a boss or coworker. No matter where they originate, woundedness is a human malady stemming from our brokenness and it makes us question the very purpose of the hurts we experience.

Come along with the author as she takes us into one man’s journey of being wounded and how his story affects ours. Joseph was a man, just like us, who experienced the depth of painful circumstances and went on to a height he never dreamed. As we study his life, we learn that God was after his heart, just as He is after ours and mine. Where there is adversity, there is fear. But God desires to transform our fear into faith. He pursues us in the depths of pain in order to bring us to His glory. Even though our hearts have been wounded by people, we have a God who heals our wounds and, through the process of fellowship with Him, shows us His heart.